Helping professionals deal with cases of under age sex

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HEALTH professionals in the Borders will be able to respond appropriately to instances of underage sexual health activity via a newly developed web resource.

The resource aims to support those working in health, education, youth work and social work settings to tell the difference between an abusive and a consensual relationship and to respond appropriately.

Dawn Moss, nurse consultant vulnerable children and young people said: “Professionals need to know what action to take and what support to offer in situations where a young person is vulnerable and may have been sexually abused. The web resource will help professionals to keep young people safe and support them to make informed decisions about their future sexual activity.”

Scottish Government Guidance for underage sexual activity identifies the legal issues and provides guidance about the issues to consider in identifying whether underage sexual activity is a child protection concern, when to share information and the appropriate response on a multiagency basis and in response to this a group of professional in the region have developed this web resource.

The link to the web resource is: