£94,000 boost for dementia service

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A new project which provides peer support for people with dementia in the Borders has been given the go-ahead thanks to a £94,000 boost.

The funding has been awarded to Outside the Box, a charity and social enterprise who will use the money to develop a peer support service for people with dementia and their carers.

While many older people need more advice and practical help around with shopping, cooking and eating, the need for help and support is even greater among people affected by dementia.

The initiative allows someone with dementia experience to offer practical advice and individual support, in a ‘Food Buddies’ scheme.

The project aims to address concerns such as safety in a kitchen setting, losing skills around preparing and cooking food, safety around shopping and storing food as well as concerns around not eating – both for people with dementia and their carers, who may not be looking after their own well-being.

It also aims to share the experiences of people involved in the project more widely, to raise awareness about the benefits of peer support among people affected by dementia.

Funding has come from the Life Changes Trust, an independent charity set up with a Big Lottery Fund endowment of £50 million to improve the lives of two key groups in Scotland: people affected by dementia and care experienced young people.

The Trust will be investing a total of £1.2 million in both befriending and peer support initiatives over a five-year period.

Befriending and peer support are two of the services which people with dementia and carers say they most value because of the positive impact they have on the person with dementia and/or their carer.