Harsh weather to stay

Scottish Borders Council (SBC) is asking residents to check on vulnerable members of the community which the Met Office predicts will continue for the rest of this week and well into next week at the very least.

Ccouncil chief executive Tracey Logan explained: “No-one would have predicted we would be seeing such wintry conditions just a couple of days into spring. We need to ensure those people most at risk due to this prolonged period of cold weather are safe.

“We are making a plea to our residents to not forget about those members of our communities who may struggle with simple things such as getting to a shop or putting out their bin.

“A phone-call or knock at the door could make all the difference.”

Your community can get ready for winter by agreeing what you, your neighbours and your colleagues can do on your own and collectively: identify neighbours or family members who may need a helping hand; have their phone numbers to hand; offer to help with grocery shopping or other essential tasks such as putting out their bins; clear ice or snow from your pathway – and help others clear theirs.

Anyone who offers to help should be willing to provide identification.

If you are concerned about a resident, contact the council’s social work team on 0300 100 1800.