Gull makes full recovery after wing pierced by spike

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Recently we had a visit from Terry one of the RSPCA inspectors covering Northumberland when he delivered a herring gull which had been trapped on spikes on a roof.

The gull’s wing had been pierced and it had pulled muscles in its frantic efforts to escape. We had been taking calls for several days about the plight of this bird but we were unable to help as the fire brigade will only respond for the police or RSPCA.

The gull needed antibiotics for a few days but has since made a complete recovery and has been released.

While Terry was here he explained to us that any young bird being fed and attended by its mother must be left undisturbed, unless it is injured or in a compromising situation, this includes herring gulls.

We had a visit from Linda this weekend when she brought up two cygnets from Herrington Country Park and Hardwick Hall.

One had been abandoned by its parents despite being a single offspring. The other has a leg injury which requires antibiotics and painkillers.

Both have joined our happy little group in the Lomax aviary, although they were a bit worried about the Eider Duckling who was having a bath and spraying water everywhere.

Our other new additions this week are two very tiny hoglets and a woodpecker.

The hoglets both have injuries, one has a wound on its back and the other has an injured front leg. They are very small and were found in Lamberton wandering during the day. They are being fed from a syringe every three hours during the day.

I was watching as Kay fed them and they were chewing at the syringe. They are very difficult to feed. One is eating a little meat the other enjoys his milk.

The woodpecker needs an x-ray after flying into a window. He is still unable to fly but he enjoys tucking into mealworms.

This weekend we were preparing for our next Open Day which is on August 2.

We shall be having a tombola and sales table but we are trying to do more things for children this year.

The Rollo Centre will be open so that visitors can see the work being done here, and the plans we have for a new isolation unit. After the Open Day we will be holding our AGM.

Look forward to seeing you there.