Groups benefit from windfarm funding

Borders Youth Theatre perform in Eyemouth Market Square with an Olympic theme.
Borders Youth Theatre perform in Eyemouth Market Square with an Olympic theme.

Over the last five months the Blackhill Windfarm Community Fund has supported six local projects with grants totalling over £15,000.

The Blackhill Windfarm Community Fund Ltd is a charitable organisation funded by Renewable Energy Systems Ltd (RES), the operators of the Blackhill Windfarm situated just north of Hardens Hill, to the north of Duns.

The Grant Funding Agreement with RES generates funds through the performance and productivity of the RES windfarm.

Borders Youth Theatre received £2,000 towards their exciting plans to create a new youth theatre production tour.

Summer is on its way, and the sound of leather on willow will soon be resounding around Manderston. Manderston Cricket Club received £1,674 towards the cost of replacing their artificial surface for the practice wicket. This had become really worn and will be replaced with lots of DIY time and effort.

Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance received £2,000 to help provide a life-saving air ambulance service for use in time-critical emergencies.

The Duns Parish Church Hall is the favourite place in Duns for Saturday morning fund-raising coffee mornings as well as many other events. The old carpet in the lower hall was well beyond its sell by date and has been replaced by wooden flooring which will be much more hygienic. This has been assisted by a grant of £2,738.

Abbey St Bathans, Bonkyl and Preston Community Council are fully engaged in exploring the future of their community life, and planning a viable and relevant programme of events for years to come. This project received a grant of £1,000.

The Fund has also been able to help with a grant of £6,280 to BREST, which will be used partly to improve the changing areas by fitting ‘wetwall’ panels to replace the old tiles at Duns Swimming Pool, and also to reduce the noise problems in the sports hall by fitting acoustic panels in the fitness room.

These allocations have been made by the Board which at the present is: Administrator and treasurer – Sharon Cleghorn, chairman – Donald Ritchie (Gavinton, Fogo and Polwarth Community Council), secretary – John Elliott (Duns Community Council), directors - Rachel Anderson (RES representative), Mark Rowley (Cranshaws, Ellemford and Longformacus Community Council), Victoria Dobbie (Abbey St Bathans, Bonykl and Preston Community Council), Rev Stephen Blakey (independent) and Anne Affleck (independent).

The community council directors are appointed by their own community council, and they in turn appoint the independent directors, who serve for a year at a time and then stand down before the next AGM which is on Thuesday, August 14 and the board is actively looking for new independent directors.

The Fund welcomes applications for grant funding and application forms can be found at For more about the Blackhill Windfarm Community Fund Ltd visit the website or contact fund administrator Sharon Cleghorn on