Group grasps the initiative in Eyemouth

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A GROUP described as “a reflection of the community spirit in Eyemouth” has hailed its open evening a great success.

The Eyemouth and District Initiative Group, which aims to put the town “on the map” has taken encouragement from the level of interest shown by residents at a meeting arranged to exchange information and ideas.

Vice chair Pat Elliott was also pleased with the keen interest the local community showed in the group’s plans for the future.

She told ‘The Berwickshire News’: “We had a really good support from residents; the town got behind us very well.

“We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel. We just want to put Eyemouth on the map and offer support to others who are trying to do the same. We are keen to underpin some of the lost revenue from the fishing industry and help other areas flourish.

“There was a keen interest in everything we’ve got planned and one of the most pleasing things was the number of people who said they’d be willing to volunteer in the future.”

The event at the Fisherman’s Mission on Tuesday, February 28, was warmly welcomed by the local community with plenty of residents keen to find out more about the collective, who are determined to make a positive difference to the town.

The group, formed last year, aims to support all local groups and charities and liaise with Eyemouth Town Community Council and it has already begun working with a number of Eyemouth and District organisations to help, encourage and promote events and volunteering opportunities.

A display of all the group’s activities – many of which reflected ideas put forward at earlier public meetings – included information about their social media and website pages, their support for local festivals and events and their co-operation with the Chamber of Trade, the Voluntary Marine Reserve and the Impact Arts project. There were also details of a new community choir and of social enterprise training designed to stimulate employment opportunities in the area.

With so much already achieved and so much more in the pipeline, Initiative Group committee member Marina Kerr was enthusiastic about the evening.

She said: ‘We’re delighted to see so many people coming along to the open evening and showing such interest in all the initiative’s projects.

“We look forward to a positive and successful future.”

Group chair David Wilson said: “Thanks to everyone who has turned up and supported the initiative. A lot of positive ideas have come from the evening.”

Councillor Michael Cook, also a member of the Initiative, along with South of Scotland MSP Paul Wheelhouse, added: “The Initiative is a reflection of community spirit in Eyemouth; a willingness to come together to address issues of common interest and to make the town a better place.’

•Last week we reported that Eyemouth Initiative had worked with the Eyemouth Herring Queen Committee last year. That should, have stated that the Initiative looks forward to working with the EHQ Committee this year.

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If you would like details of upcoming Social Enterprise training courses, contact Annie Watt of the Social Enterprise Academy on 0777 150 7937.