Greenlaw to get electric car charging point

GREENLAW is to benefit from going green with the installation of a free electic car charging point.

The point, to be set up at the Blackadder Caravan Park, was the idea of owner Chris Gregg, a fervent electric car supporter.

“I am confident about electric vehicle technology and its capabilities,” he said.

“These new vehicles are far more credible than the earlier green alternatives - so I am confident that EVs are here to stay.

He continued: “I would absolutely recommend EVs to other drivers.

“Refuelling in outlying rural areas can be quite a task. There is no petrol station in Greenlaw, which means a fourteen mile trip to refuel.

“Electric vehicles offer the perfect solution as they can simply be plugged into a three pin household socket.

“Provided your daily travels do not exceed 40-50 miles per day you’ll not have to refuel again for a number of months. When travelling longer distances the petrol generator will return in excess of 40 mpg.”

And as well as the cost savings Chris also highlighted a better all-round driving experience, being “smoother, more relaxed, with less noise and handling very well.”