Greenlaw promised share of wind farm profit

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ENGAGING with the people of Greenlaw about a proposed nine turbine wind farm at Rumbletonrig is already underway by the developer even though a planning application for a wind mast to determine wind speeds has not been made yet.

Wind farm developers met with Greenlaw Community Council last week to outline their proposals for the £25 million wind farm, and also offer the community a six per cent share of the profits.

Paul Beale, project manager for TCI Renewables, said: “We are committed to ensuring that the local community is given the opportunity to benefit significantly from Runbletonrig wind farm by participating in its success.

“The community’s share of the wind farm proifts could provide an income that is 40 per cent more than the Scottish Government’s recommended target for community benefit of £5000 per megawatt and nearly three times the level typically received from operation wind farms in Scotland.

“Depending on the amount of electricity produced, the sum for the local community could be higher still.”

TCI Renewables estimate that the community’s six per cent share of the wind farm profits could generate around £4 million - averaging at £157,000 a year - and they are guaranteeing a minimum payment of £112,000 a year.

The renewables company was keen to point out the opportunities for local companies that would come with construction of the wind farm, and the possibility of apprenticeships.

“Around Greenlaw it’s important for the younger generation to be offered the opportunity to train and get skills in things beyond wind farm development,” said Mr Beale.

If planning permission is granted for the wind monitoring mast to be erected, then readings will be taken over a two or three month period before TCI Renewables move on to the next stage of putting in an application for the proposed nine 100m high turbines.

Mr Beale added: “A planning application to erect a wind monitoring mast will shortly be submitted to help to determine the most effective turbines for the site and to provide accurate data on the energy yield from the wind turbines in this location.”

The site, at Rumbletonrig, west of Greenlaw on the A697 road, was chosen after a rigorous feasibility assessment over recent months.