Great service offered by Coldstream garage

SIR, - Last month my wife and I were touring Northumbria and the Scottish Borders with a view to eventually retiring in the area.

Shortly after crossing the border into England there was a bang from the motor followed by a burst of steam. The thermostat housing had shattered and we were losing coolant.

We managed to drive a short distance to a local farm where we received great help from Mrs Eileen Todd and her son, Thomas. This included contacting a local garage to arrange collection and repair to the car.

Three days later the garage had obtained and fitted a new thermostat so that I was able to collect the car and continue with our holiday.

The purpose of this mail is to express our gratitude, not only to Mrs Todd and her son, but also to B & R Motors of Guards Road, Coldsteam, who collected and repaired our car with a minimum of fuss and at a very reasonable charge.

We have now completed a further 2000 miles without problem. Too often we hear about poor service, but the excellent service provided by this garage should be recognised.

One day we hope to retire to the region. If we do, then we know which garage we will be using!


Obere Vogtsmatten 21,

4467 Rothenfluh,