Grantshouse and Huntlwood speed limits

A 30mph a limit is proposed on the D121/6 road at Grantshouse
A 30mph a limit is proposed on the D121/6 road at Grantshouse

A proposal to introduce speed limits at Huntlywood and Grantshouse is being considered by Scottish Borders Council.

A Borders wide speed limit review was carried out in 2015, to consider the representations which have been made (generally seeking lower speeds) or on sites which officers had identified as warranting investigation, after which it was concluded that changes should be made at Huntlywood and Grantshouse.

At Huntlywood the introduction of a 40mph speed limit on the A6105 from west of the D15/5 Upper Huntlywood road east to the eastern end of the cottages at Nether Huntlywood is being proposed.

At Grantshouse the proposal is for the introduction of a 30mph speed limit on the looped section of the D121/6 from its eastern junction with the A1 east to the junction with the northern leg of the D121/6 and to extend along this northern leg of the D121/6 to a point north of The Beeches.

The council has to undertake a two stage consultation process: a statutory consultation with bodies such as emergency services, freight and public transport representatives and community councils; and this is followed by public consultation.

Feedback from the statutory consultation was favourable from Perryman’s Buses, and for the Huntlywood proposal Gordon & Westruther Community council indicated their support.

Berwickshire councillors at Thursday’s meeting of the Berwickshire Area Forum are being recommended by roads officials to approve the introduction of speed limits - 40mph at Huntlywood and 30mph at Grantshouse, both currently at the national speed limit 60mph. Across the Borders eleven new speed limit stretches were identified.