Granarchists want an ‘aye’ vote for Europe

Granarchists with their mulit-lingual pro-European placards
Granarchists with their mulit-lingual pro-European placards

Berwickshire Granarchists, a group of politically active pensioners unafraid to make their voices heard, hit the streets of Duns and Eyemouth ahead of the EU referendum.

Surrounded by placards in eight colours and eight languages (they couldn’t run to 28!) they were joined by friends and people from all political parties to call for a Remain vote. They even had a Scots placard reading: ‘Keep the heid and vote aye to Europe’ and were joined by “several ukulele playing friends who did their very best to play the European anthem”.

“A good time was had by all,” said Kate Duncan.

A leading granarchist, Kate said: “The EU has given us peace and stability for over 60 years; a Human Rights Act; working people paid holidays and a limit on their working week; maternity leave and pay.

“Outside the EU, these rights are at real risk of disappearing,” she said. “I could go on; food standards, environmental protection.

“It’s not perfect, what government is, but it’s better we work inside to improve it. We have much to thank the EU for, not least the young well-educated people who come here to work, and who make a net contribution to our public funds.’

Fellow Granarchist Alison, continued: “People say the EU isn’t democratic. Remember when 2.5 million people took to the streets to protest against the Iraq war? The EU is as responsive as our MEPs make it.”

The Granarchists paid tribute to MP Jo Cox who was shot dead last week, quoting from her last article in which she said: “The overall benefits of EU membership are massive.”