Giant kite flying at Winterfield Park

Andrew Beattie of is bringing his display of world class kites to Winterfield Park in Dunbar on Friday, August 21.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 9th August 2015, 6:23 am

The park with its views out over the sea to the Bass Rock makes it a stunning location to have these sky monsters displayed and with Dunbar renowned for a healthy breeze it is the perfect climate to have this type of attraction.

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The kites can be seen for miles around attracting speculative visitors who would otherwise be passing through. Of course not only can you revel in the lifelike movements of these gigantic kites there is also an opportunity to have a go with a more manageable kite of your own. With expert on hand advice about the best way to fly.

Andrew said: “One of my joys is to involve total strangers in the flying, to let them experience the feel of the kite. Sometimes they get involved, sometimes not. This does not bother me. I feel that someone’s life is incomplete unless they have gained some understanding of what kite flying is about and you can’t get that without holding the line for yourself.”