Getting youngsters hooked on fishing

Whiteadder AA
Whiteadder AA
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A WHITEADDER Angling Association initiative to encourage more young people to try fly fishing got under way recently at the Whinney Loch in Coldingham.

A group of boys and girls aged between 10 and 16 were given instruction on flylife identification, fly tying, casting, health and safety and finally fly fishing for trout on the loch.

Experts on the day, lending a hand and some words of advice, were Robbie Bell from the Gamefair Tackle Shop in Berwick and Kenny Galt, biologist with the Tweed Foundation down at Drygrange.

Whiteadder Angling Association committee members were also on hand to help out and share their fishing knowledge.

All the young anglers caught trout, many catching on the dry fly which was an excellent achievement.

As well as gaining this free experience, the youngsters left at the end of the day with gifts of flies, lines, bags, priests, fishing caps and some great fishing memories.

The Association is hoping that a new batch of fly fishing enthusiasts will be eager to try out their new found skills on the waters of the Whiteadder waters and beyond.

The Whiteadder Angling Association would like to thank Robbie and Kenny as well as Dr Ted Wise, the owner of the Whinney Loch, for helping to make the day a great success.

It is hoped that a further session can be arranged to allow other youngsters, who expressed an interest, the opportunity to try out the “gentle art”.

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