Get ready to do the Lambeth Walk at Eyemouth musical

Eyemouth variety group
Eyemouth variety group
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You will be pleased to know in this current cold weather that ‘The Sun Has Got His Hat On’.

This is at least is according to Eyemouth Variety Group who will be singing the song in their production of ‘Me and My Girl’ which will be performed from March 10-12 in the old Eyemouth High School at 7.30pm.

The humorous musical is set in Hareford Hall where Lord and Lady Battersby (David Ireland and Christine Henderson), The Duchess of Dene (Maureen Gillie) and Sir John Tremayne (Bob Lockwood) are hosting a house party to a variety of society guests.

The party is thrown into confusion by their solicitor, Parchester (George Kay) announcing he has found the long lost heir to the family fortune.

But their delight turns to shock to find out it is one Bill Snibson (Steve Sadler) from Lambeth – a right cockney bloke accompanied by his sweetheart Sally Smith (Lyn Manderson).

Meanwhile Lady Jacqueline (Andrea Thacker) rather fancies the Hareford fortune to the disappointment of her fiancée Gerald (Campbell McNeil). Adding to the confusion is the hard of hearing Lady Tring (Elizabeth Kay).

Indeed Charles the butler (Craig Rosie) finds it hard to believe what is going on in his well run house. Will the family accept Bill and his Lambeth ways? Will Bill fall for Lady Jacqueline’s charms or remain true to Sally?

Why not go along and find out by buying some tickets from Matchmakers (018907 51071) where they are on sale until February 25.

The Eyemouth Variety Group look forward to showing you their ‘Lambeth Walk’!