George hoping debut with be a Revelation

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HE’S a performer who has covered plenty of miles in the past few years as his profile has risen steadily and now Borders singer

George Kennedy has reached a major milestone in any musician’s career- the release of his debut album.

George has been a regular at holiday parks throughout Scotland and north Northumberland for a number of years now, singing a mixture of self-penned tracks and popular cover versions but now he’s happy to be releasing a compilation made up of entirely original compositions.

As its title suggests ‘Revelations & Revolutions’ is an album on two different themes.

“The Revelations part of the album are songs that are more personal to me,” George explained.

“I’m am generally quite a shy person when I’m not on stage but I find it quite easy to share my thoughts when it comes to writing music.

“One thing I feel really passionate about is people feeling confident about being their selves.

“‘Revolutions’ has a bit of a plot to it; songs such as ‘Streets Of Suburbia’ and ‘Urban Sunset’ introduce us to a world that has been taken over by a corrupt government force with me as the leader of the Re.sistance.

“I wrote ‘Freedom Fighter’ at the time of the rioting in London.”

George has taken the rather unusual step of making his album available as a free download from his website but he said after waiting long enough he just wanted to get his music out there.

“I just want to share my songs with everyone,” he continued.

“I’ve been performing tracks like ‘Rise of the Fanatics’ and ‘Frozen’ for a while now and it’s great to finally have them on an album.

“I just hope people like what they hear and I’d love to be able to tour the album next year.”

To download ‘Reevelations & Revlutions’ visit