Generate Radio to go into hibernation

IT’S been a successful two years for Duns-based Generate Radio but now as the station looks ahead to what will surely be an even brighter future, it will go off the air this weekend to hopefully return with FM accreditation.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 6th November 2012, 10:32 am

Since starting on September 13 2010 the station has enjoyed plenty of highs and has laid strong foundations for the future.

Founders Kyle Wilson and Oscar McAndrew both started out with a plan and have surprised themselves

“We’ve achieved a lot in the past two years, far more than I expected us to,” Oscar told ‘The Berwickshire’.

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“The volunteers have turned into a big family, supporting each other and forming friendships that will last a lifetime.”

One of those volunteers is former school teacher Donald Strachan. Donald was recently nominated for Media Person Of The Year at the Scottish Music Awards and that in part was down to his music marathons which saw him broadcast non stop for 24 hours on two separate occasion.

“Those fundraising marathons are a highlight of the past two years,” Kyle commented.

“Not to forget me and Oscar throwing ourselves out of an aeroplane from 10,000 feet and much more.

“But as well as the fun we’ve also proven we have something worth developing having narrowly missed out on Radio Station of The Year by just four votes at the same awards that recognised Donald’s efforts.”

The station is now moving into a challenging time with an FM licence expected by the end of this year after a year long process. It being granted will be a real testimony to the hard work of over 50 volunteers whose work has seen the station lauded by Scottish Enterprise and Berwickshire’s own Karen Balfour Awards.

Outlining Generate’s plans for the future, committee chair Justin Hulford said:, “We’ve decided that the best way forward, to ensure the station’s FM debut is as strong as it can be, is to place the broadcasting on hold from November 11.

“That gives us all the chance to put the necessary systems in place for a massive relaunch next year when we can transmit into peoples work places, homes and cars hopefully on FM.

“The station has come a long way in its over two years of existence.

“Moving from internet radio to FM means new rules and guidelines to follow as Ofcom, the regulator, are very stringent.

“Whilst broadcasting is our most obvious activity, it’s just one part of Generate Radio and many of the volunteers will be continuing to develop their skills.”

Kyle and Oscar are both clear that this difficult decision to take a break is the next step in something bigger and better.

“I’m looking forward to the hibernation period as it allows us to regroup and come back bigger and better than ever,” Oscar said.

“I want to give special thanks to the volunteers who have made the project what it is today.”

Kyle agreed, adding: “We see this as a positive move and there will be loads going on in the background during our broadcasting break.

“We aim to keep working with the volunteers, getting them developing new skills and will have the station back on air in the not too distant future. It’s exciting times!”