Generate duo to go to new heights

Generate Radio
Generate Radio

HAVINg done an array of fundraising events to boost the station’s coffers in the past, Generate Radio’s managing directors are taking their efforts to new heights quite literally- by doing a sky dive.

The idea of jumping from a plane at 10,000 feet started off as a bit of a joke for Kyle Wilson and Oscar MacAndrew but now they’ve got just over a month to steady their nerves in time for their big leap in Strathallan.

They have set themselves a fundraising target of £1,500 which they hope to put towards a new website.

“We’ve applied for FM status and if we get that we’ll definitely need a new site to take us to the next level,” Kyle explained.

“OFCOM have been in touch with us to say they are reviewing our application and we’ll find out shortly but at the moment it’s just refreshing not to have to do lots of paper work, as that’s all we were doing in the run up to Christmas.

“The idea of doing a sky dive came up when we were thinking about fundraising ideas and I said ‘why don’t we jump out of a plane for money?

“It kind of stuck and we’ve both fancied doing it before so we might as well go ahead with it.

“I’ve got a friend in New Zealand who’s done one before and he said it was like nothing else. I’m not nervous at all at the moment but it might be a different story on the day itself!”

If you want to send Kyle and Oscar up in the air in the knowledge they’ve already raised plenty of money you can make a donation at