Geek chic all the rage for Drama Group

‘WEST Side Story’ was itself famously based on ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and now the famous movie musical has inspired one of the highlights of next week’s Herring Queen schedule - Eyemouth and District Youth Community Drama Group’s ‘Geek Side Story’.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 7th July 2012, 7:54 am

The show, written and produced by Andrea Thacker, tells the tale of former friends Georgie and Chelsea who find themselves caught up in a battle of the cliques between the Geeks and the WAGs.

Cue lots of scowling, trading of insults and plenty of pouting with some instantly recogniseable songs thrown in for good measure including Madonna’s ‘Material Girl’ and Pink’s ‘So What’.

The girls at the centre of the action are Carly Robertson and Lara Ward (Chelsea) and both are excited for opening night.

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“I like being a WAG but I think being a geek would be pretty cool too,” Lara said.

“I’m not entirely sure whether to be mean or nice some of the time though!”

“And I’m not sure Georgie really knows what she is,” Carly added.

“I’m really enjoying the part though and I get to sing some really good songs.”

‘Geek Side Story’ will hit the Eyemouth High School stage on Tuesday and Wednesday night at 7pm.