Garden waste recycling centre under pressure

Berwickshire recycling centre, Duns
Berwickshire recycling centre, Duns
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An additional skip for garden waste is being considered at Duns where existing facilities are coming under pressure.

Duns Community Council reports receiving complaints about the re-cycling centre since Scottish Borders Council stopped their kerbside garden refuse collections at the end of March this year.

“People with large gardens making more than one trip a day are being told that they cannot do this and will have to come back another day,” said a spokesperson for the community council.

“The gates are frequently being shut and a notice saying re-open in 15 minutes. While it is appreciated that this may be for safety reasons while skips are being changed it is felt that more information should be displayed.

“The height of the garden skips, and the steps leading up to it are causing many problems. It is very difficult to climb the steps holding a bag of garden refuse and throwing it over the side of a high sided skip. Older and less abled people are unable to manage and while staff do help on occasions it is not always possible for them to do so.

In response an SBC spokesperson said: “Duns community recycling centre is required to close whilst skips are emptied for the safety of all site users and staff. We appreciate that this can be frustrating for the public if they arrive when the site is closed. A sign is placed on the entrance gate to inform site users when the site will re-opened.

“Staff are available on-site to assist the public but given the nature of the site this is not always possible, particularly at busy times. Our advice to the public is to assess the size and nature of their waste prior to arrival at site to ensure they can easily and safely dispose of it. This may require bringing their waste in smaller receptacles.

“The gantry at Duns CRC is used to ensure skips are filled to capacity. The gantry is only used once the skip can no longer be filled at ground level and the doors to the skip have to be closed.

“We are currently assessing the ability of installing an additional garden waste skip at the site. However, at the current time we cannot confirm this as we are yet to assess the full implication, which will include alterations to the layout of the site.

“In addition, the opening times of the Duns facility are being looked at with a view to making it more accessible.”