Garden waste collections

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The decision to withdraw garden waste collections from the 60 per cent of Borders households who received the service was controversial.

However, despite it being unpopular the decision was made by Scottish Borders Council and since the end of March there have been no garden waste collections by the council anywhere in the Borders.

Today, however, Kelso councillors are making a bid for a temporary services to be restored in the Cheviot area, until a new recycling centre opens in Kelso.

When Scottish Borders Council meets today councillors will consider a motion put forward by Councillor Alec Nicol, seconded by Councillor Simon Mountford. Their initial proposal is for Standing Orders to be suspended so councillors can discuss a motion that “council agrees to allow Cheviot Area Forum to consider using some of its Quality of Life funding to provide a temporary green waste service in the Cheviot Area for this financial year.”

If the motion was to be successful householders in the Cheviot Area would be the only Borders residents to continue to get their garden waste taken away free of charge during this year.

A number of people across the region are looking at providing a paid for service, but one such individual in the Coldstream area would need to have customers in the Kelso area for his business to be viable. Once councillors have reached a decision he will know whether it is worth his while going ahead with providing a collection service in the Coldstream/Greenlaw/Kelso area.