Garden transformed for Katie-Lou to enjoy

Katie-Lou's foundation has been able to fund a summer house in the garden with sensory items for development
Katie-Lou's foundation has been able to fund a summer house in the garden with sensory items for development

It’s been over a year now since her life changed forever but as she makes progress, Katie-Lou MacLean is enjoying a specially renovated garden at her Eyemouth home.

Katie-Lou sustained serious brain injuries after being washed into the sea on June 4 last year but most importantly she survived and since the turn of the year has been back at home with her devoted parents Andy and Nikki by her side.

Katie-Lou’s story has touched the hearts of many people, some who didn’t even know her but felt compelled to do something to help.

To build for their daughter’s future, Andy and Nikki set up the Care for Katie Lou Foundation and countless events have been held to raise money while others have been sponsored to run marathons and half marathons in aid of the trust fund.

This allowed the MacLeans to start planning renovations to their home.

The first phase saw Katie Lou’s bedroom moved downstairs and the family’s garage transformed into her shower room and now the huge One Direction fan has been enjoying spending time with her friends in a specially designed garden.

The wheelchair friendly space includes a patio area, spitlights, a water feature and Katie Lou’s very own summer house, complete with bubble tube.

The work was carried out by Tweed Landscapes, Fraser McGregor and Martin Landels and Andy and Nikki are thrilled with how it’s looking so far.

“Katie’s friends think it’s amazing; they’re all really jealous!,” Nikki said.

“The garden is completely different to what we had before and it’s just great to be able to get her out in it.

“Typically the weather was lovely when all the work was being done but it’s been a bit dodgy ever since although we did manage a BBQ .”

Katie-Lou had a difficult week last week with her body not reacting well to new medication but Andy and Nikki are bouyed by how calm and relaxed she seems.

“Last week was awful,” Nikki commented.

“There were a lot of tears and screaming and it reminded me of the awful times we had when she was in hospital.

“But she has seemed a lot happier over the last few days. and we got down to the Eyemouth Herring Queen crowning on Saturday.

“People are still very interested in how she is .”

Katie-Lou’s parents have also been spurred on by the progress she has been making with sounds and are hoping that starting The Grove school in Berwick in September will bring this on even more.

“It’s like she’s trying to say something but can’t quite get the words out,” Nikki continued.

“Katie-Lou has a wonderful carer, Judith, who she has a great bond with and when Judith came back from holiday she noticed a big difference.

“We’re really pleased that Katie has got a place at The Grove.

“The staff there are really amazing people. They know what they’re doing and they know what they need to focus on with her.

“She went for the first time a few weeks ago and she seemed really happy.

“When she starts there it means me and Andy can have a bit of time to do some work and then when she comes home we can spendsome proper quality time with her.”

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