Funding removed for Coldstream cemetery extension

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Money set aside for a new cemetery in Coldstream has been removed from Scottish Borders Council’s capital budget for this year.

For over a decade Scottish Borders Council has been trying to find a site for a new cemetery and members of SBC’s executive were told this week that protracted negotiations are ongoing both at Coldstream and Earlston and if they result in both sites being ‘procured’ the £850,000 set aside wouldn’t be enough to develop them.

A report before councillors said: “The final timing of the procurement is also currently unknown as dependant of reaching a mutually acceptable position for both parties.

“Due to the number of uncertainness and the lack of the full budget to develop the sites it is recommended the funds are no longer held for cemeteries but returned fully to the emergency/unplanned schemes.

“If viable sites are identified the request for funds would be evaluated against the other capital commitments within the plan.”

As far back as 2005 Coldstream & District Community Council were being told by Scottish Borders Council that there were only 60 lairs left at Lennel Cemetery, making it likely that it would be full within two or three years.