Funding boost for waste initiative

MORE volunteer positions have now been announced in the Borders as part of a campaign to help householders in Scotland reduce waste and recycle more.

The boost is part of a new volunteer programme led by Zero Waste Scotland, which has funded 20 regionally-based volunteer coordinators across Scotland to help provide grassroots support to local and national initiatives.

The Scottish Borders Zero Waste Volunteer project, run by BCCF Environmental in partnership with Zero Waste Scotland, currently has 23 volunteers based across the region who promote the message of waste reduction to locals. The new funding means that this activity can continue for a further year.

David Scott Aiton, the Zero Waste Volunteer project coordinator for the Scottish Borders commented: “I have been looking after the project for three years and in that time the number of volunteers has blossomed. However, the more volunteers we have the more support we can give to our neighbours, friends and others in our local communities to reduce waste and recycle more.”

“By becoming a Zero Waste Volunteer, you can help simply by passing on your personal experiences and local knowledge to others. People seem to be more aware of the environment now and more receptive to the messages about waste reduction so volunteering for Zero Waste Scotland is good fun and a satisfying thing to do.”

Expert training is provided to all volunteers, giving an opportunity to learn more about the national campaigns behind Scotland’s bid to become a zero waste society and how they can help spread the word to encourage everyone to do a little bit more. The group attends public events, visits schools, give talks and provide advice to local householders.

Borderers interested in learning more about the project should contact David Scott Aiton on 01573 410274 or