Fuel subsidy for Borders

Local MSP, John Lamont, wants to see rural parts of the Borders receive subsidised fuel to bring petrol prices more into line with those in more urban areas.

The cost difference can sometimes be several pence per litre more expensive and the UK Government has already announced that they are looking to extend the scheme to more parts of the country.

“The UK Treasury has asked for information to help them prove which areas have high fuel costs and I will be doing my upmost to provide them with it,” said Mr Lamont.

“Recent years have seen the price of petrol rise by a huge amount, and it is frustrating that the amount we pay at the pumps is often much higher than in urban areas of Scotland.

“The fuel rebate scheme has worked effectively in areas such as the Scottish Islands, so I can see no reason why it shouldn’t be introduced to the Borders. The call from local residents makes complete sense and I’ve written to the Transport Minister to back their proposal.”