Friendly Bear loving the attention

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Bear is a three year-old Bull Mastiff cross who is good with other dogs and very people friendly when out and about. He was very unsettled when he first came into kennels, but now he has settled he is just loving all the attention.

Another larger size dog is Takara, a six-year old Akita type. She loves her walks and is now enjoying playing, or destroying, toys.

Please put the word out about Kim. She is doing so well in kennels, has become very sociable around people and is walking brilliant on lead. Kim will be a dog that will reward her owners for all their love and attention. She would be better going to a home with a single owner or perhaps a couple.

Two dogs also looking for that special home are Todd and Jack. These two do not get on with other dogs although they can behave well when on lead, at a distance. Todd is over ten while Jack is under five. Both are small terrier types.

Two collie types are Rhona, a short haired tri-colour, and nine-year old and Sonic who is a long haired black and white cross. Very intelligent. Both of these dogs tend to keep far too close an eye on cars, but can be distracted. Rhona can be difficult around other dogs, where as Sonic loves everyone.

Foxy is a small cross breed, with all manner of dogs in his make up. He is probably over eight, but appears in good health. He can walk well on lead and looks just like his name suggests.

We have lots of cats, young, old and all ages in between. Please consider taking a cat, or pair of cats. We have affectionate nine-year olds and both ginger Skittles and Amber. They are doing well with their weight lost, but would benefit from being out and about in their own garden.

Pippen and Mitzi are another pair looking for a home together, as are, ideally, Milo and Squirt, who are four and five and spend most of their time curled up in their bed together.

We still have a couple of young kittens looking for homes, as well as tabby six month-old brother and sister Pinky and Perky as well as their mum Annabelle. The three guineas are still waiting for a home. Mum and son, Eliza and Hercules need to go together by Henry, who has lovely long hair, can go on his own. All the rabbit, like Pickles, pictured, are well handled and have inquisitive natures. If the weather is fair all the rabbits (and guineas) are put out in runs to give them a chance to keep the grass down and stretch their legs. They all have things to jump over or through as well as toys to throw around.

R & R, the two well-handled female rats, are still waiting for the right home. These two have a great living environment and enjoy getting out and exploring, but always run back to their cage to use their litter tray.

Meanwhile, Graham Bell will be doing an illustrated garden bird talk next Wednesday, July 6, starting at 7pm at Berwick Community Centre. Tickets are £5 and include light refreshments.

Tickets are available from our shop, the kennels or by ringing 01289 306299. Events such of these are a great way to boost funds so please do come and join us.

We rely heavily on our shop to support the running of the kennels, which together with the kennels, gets busier and busier. Volunteers play a huge part across all areas of BARK but never more so than at the shop. All the items we sell in our shop are donated and the quality is always exceptional. We always appreciate items of clothing, household items, bric-a-brac, jewellery and children’s toys. We are particularly interested in soft back books at the moment, all genres including children’s books. Thank you.

Contact details: Kennels: Windmill Way East, Ramparts Business Park, TD15 1TU Tel: 01289 306299 – Shop: 12 Church Street, Berwick, TD15 1DX Tel: 01289 309225.