Foulden tree company is branching out

SBBN Aerial view Cheviot Trees Foulden
SBBN Aerial view Cheviot Trees Foulden

One of the UK’s largest and pioneering forest and landscape nurseries, based in Berwickshire, has announced its continued expansion.

Cheviot Trees, situated near Foulden, has acquired additional land adjacent to their current facility, with the aim of building another greenhouse.

The company has experienced steady growth over the past five years after winning new contracts and also expanding their customer base.

This latest expansion is one of a series of initiatives designed to provide the additional capacity required for its anticipated business growth over the longer term.

Cheviot Trees specialise in producing cell grown and’ jumbo plug’ plants for the forestry, landscaping and agricultural sectors.

Established in 1988 by founder and managing director, Mr Harry Frew, the company now supplies millions of plants every year to clients throughout the UK and Europe.

In 2012, Cheviot Trees were awarded a long term contract to produce the entire cell grown broadleaf requirements for the Forestry Commission.

Earthworks are currently underway to prepare the site for the installation of a further sophisticated greenhouse complex and associated equipment.

Mr Harry Frew, founder and managing director, said: “The acquisition of additional land, adjacent to our existing production facility, will greatly assist our continued expansion.

“The combination of our progressive growth and a specific increase in the species and seed sources that we are now being asked for has presented our team with real challenges.

“UK forestry is beginning to explore the use of ‘new and alternative species,’ more suited to climate change, and able to withstand some of the new diseases which are constantly threatening our forests.

“The extra space will enable the business to continue to progress in a structured way, and to keep up with the strongly increasing demand for our cell grown trees. ”

He added: “The increase in production has resulted in additional jobs for the local area, in all departments, throughout the company”.