Focus is on ‘Respect’ for BHS students

Multi faith panel at Christian Focus week
Multi faith panel at Christian Focus week
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Last week was Christian Focus Week at The Berwickshire High School when the topic throughout the week was ‘Respect’.

The school played host a wide range of interesting sessions, events and classes during the week. There were presented by the school Chaplaincy Team and Berwickshire Christian Youth Trust.

Berwickshire Christian Youth Trust also brought on board the Taste music group, Foolproof drama team and Nomad with their very exciting Cage Football.

Throughout the week there was a real buzz about the school.

Last Tuesday morning a team of multi-faith chaplains took part in a thoroughly enjoyable Panel. The panel members were all military chaplains.

The minister of Duns Parish Church, Rev Stephen A. Blakey, himself an ex-regular Army Chaplain and now an Army Reserve Chaplain, ‘recruited’ three of the civilian world faith chaplains who support the British military. Krishan Attri (Hindu), Imam Ali Omar (Muslim) and Dr Sunil Kaiyakarawana (Buddhist), are all civilians who work full-time with the military.

Rev Blakey said: “The question and answer panel session, held with S1, S2 and then S3 year groups, proved a great success with the chaplains answering questions set by the pupils themselves, and then with the pupils working in groups to answer similar questions from their own life experience.”

Following a superb lunch in the High School dining facility, the group of chaplains headed off to Duns Primary School for a challenging and rewarding session with the primary 7 classes.

After tea and cakes with the head and deputy head teachers, the chaplains introduced themselves and described their own particular world faith before answering some very well thought out questions from the pupils. Staff, pupils and chaplains all thoroughly enjoyed the hour spent together.

Rev Blakey added: “These were quite unique events in this part of Scotland, with four spiritual leaders from four world faiths working together in a friendly atmosphere to help our young people to think about spiritual matters and the importance of us learning to respect each other.”