Flooding follows the snow

The stunning snow landscapes have given way to flooding now.
The stunning snow landscapes have given way to flooding now.

Many roads across Berwickshire were closed by snow for days and even by this Tuesday there were still some of the smaller roads cut off – Longformacus to Cranshaw, Longformacus to the East Lothian boundary, Hume to Greenlaw, Ferneycastle Road.

This week also saw roads closed because of flooding – Prenderguest near Peelwalls, Whitsomehill crossroads to Fishwick and on Tuesday flood water hit Reston main street. Reston resident Denise Crerar-Torr, grateful for the help they received, said: “The residents of 2/3 Viewpark Main Street Reston would like to thank everyone who came to our assistance when we were surrounded by flood waters on Tuesday.

“Thanks to neighbours, Spence & Sons and especially the four council workers who, once they knew, immediately helped us to clear drains, organise and man the bucket brigade and finally tea-makers David and Peter. It meant it only took four hours rather than six to eight.

“Also thank you to the council workers for returning and checking that both houses were ok and no further problems.”

All Borders schools were closed from Wednesday, February 28 to Friday, March 2, some partially opened on Monday, but by Tuesday it was back to normal for those able to make it to the bus pick-up points.

Scottish Borders Council came in for criticism in the Scottish Parliament this week by MSP Christine Grahame over its expectation that if staff couldn’t get in they should use flexi-time or leave to cover absences after the first day. Ms Grahame accused the council of “incentivising travel during a red weather warning”.

Responding, SBC said: “This approach ensures that we comply with employment law and also treats staff fairly and equally. It would be impossible to maintain critical services and respond to these types of emergencies if we did not differentiate between those who were working and those who were not.”