Flooding fails to deter organisers at Ellemford

Ellemford Show
Ellemford Show
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WHEN the Ellemford showfield changed into a raging river things didn’t look good, and when Saturday’s Lammermoor Pastoral Society Show had to be cancelled they looked even worse.

However, although the flooding meant an end to the livestock side of Ellemford Show, the society’s industrial section committee persevered, joined forces, and decided not to let a bit of water get in their way and moved the event to Cranshaws Village Hall to enable the industrial classes to go ahead. And what a success it was.

Chairman of the industrial section, Evelyn Mycock, said: “The committee were very impressed with the number and quality of entries and it was good to see so much support for the show.

“The children especially had put a lot of work in, with their colourful entries cheering up the hall.

“The committee would like to say a big thank you to the judges, everybody who helped out, put in entries or just visited to have a look.

“The band Where’s George’, normally a trio, had become one, Ms Amelia Stokes, and she gave a cracking performance which was enjoyed by all. Great music for a great day.”

Industrial section trophy winners were presented with their awards as follows:

Dickinson Cup for exhibitor gaining most points overall - Alison Landale; Eunice Elliot Cup for child aged 12-15 with most points - Faith Ainslie; Harehead Quaich for best handicraft exhibit - Mary Macfarland; Marygold Cup for best exbhibit in the vegetables section - Mark Rowley; Ferguson Salver for best exhibit in the flowers section - Alison Landale; Muriel Milne Cup for best exhibit in the children’s section - Tabitha Bevan; Lidded Jug for best painting - Mary Macfarland; CMR Breadboard for best bread - Corinne Mycock; Anniversary Cup for best photograph - Sharon Carvana.