Flood warnings as thunder storms hit coast

Floods at Putton Mill.
Floods at Putton Mill.

The Borders were put on an amber flood warning on Tuesday afternoon this week following heavy rain and thunderstorms.

The warning was made to make people aware that the heavy rainfall along the coast during Tuesday evening could cause flooding following the recent hot spell.

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) has warned of the danger of flooding from surface water run off, particularly in urban areas and on roads, and the overspilling of small watercourses. These are common across the Borders.

SEPA, which acts as Scotland’s flood warning authority, did have some relatively good news, as the risk of flooding from larger rivers remains low.

Residents are reminded to remain vigilant and remember, it is their responsibility to take actions which help protect themselves and their property.

They are also advised to have some sort of flood plan, knowing what to do with vulnerable people, the elderly and their pets in the case of an emergency.

Advice and information is available through the specially set up Floodline on 0845 9881188.

This week’s flood alert is now in force until further notice. Residents who are particularly worried about the threat of flash floods after the recent hot weather can sign up free texts as part of the Floodline direct warning service.

If you are thinking of signing up to receive free flood messages, you can register online at sepa.org.uk/floodingsignup.

SEPA has been working with local authorities to analyse historical flooding information.

They have also co-operated on a review of the alarm levels for local monitoring stations on rivers and coastal areas across Scotland.

This is intended to ensure that they can accurately predict the timing and location of local flooding, and help draw up Surface Water Management Plans (SWMPs), in accordance with recent legislature.

This resulted in the creation of over 200 new flood warning areas, and changes to how live flood warning information is displayed online .

To find out if your property lies in a new flood warning area, you can visit a newly created interactive map on the SEPA website.