Flodden wall hanging created by local ladies

Wall hanging
Wall hanging
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One of the lasting memorials of the 500th anniversary of the Battle of Flodden will be a stunning wall hanging in Coldstream.

The local ladies who have been working on the eight 4x3 feet wall hanging sections for the past nine months are now just putting the finishing touches to it and it will be unveiled in Coldstream Community Centre’s Tweed Room during the town’s civic week.

Impetus for getting started on this work of art came from Linda Holmes, who had initially had the idea for doing a wall hanging for the town’s twinning association. That particular project is still on the cards but has been on the back burner for the last few months as the idea for a Flodden 1513 memorial took precedence.

A small committee was formed in Coldstream and David Shepherd agreed to draw up the first draft of the eight sections of the wall hanging. The initial drawings were put in situ so that the community group involved could get an idea of what the finished work would look like.

The result?“It’s our interpretation of his pictures,” explained Linda. “It needed to be vibrant.”

So from the original idea, the committee of Linda, Elspeth Bell, Ailsa Dickson and Julie Parsons got to work on the separate sections of the wall hanging and over the months a core of ten regular contributors, and a total of 20 people altogether, have met every Friday afternoon in the community centre to work on their permanent memorial to the dead of both nations at the last and most brutal of medieval battles between England and Scotland.

Local people donated the material used in each of the sections, and Linda’s vision became a reality thanks to the decoupage, quilting and applique skills of Ailsa Dickson, who led the project from a set of drawings to the stunning depiction of the battle that is far beyond what anyone expected.

One of the ladies involved explained: ”Everybody’s ideas have been put together. It was very much a joint decision and a real group effort.”

Having contributed the initial drawing, David Shepherd has turned down every invitation to see the almost finished wall hanging - preferring to wait for its official unveiling on Sunday, August 4. And there is no way he will be disappointed in the end result - the ladies have done David and the town proud.

“It’s a hundred times better than I thought it would be,” said a very proud Linda.