Flodden 1513 Club commission flag for commemorative event

Flodden flag.
Flodden flag.

The Flodden 1513 Club is commemorating the aftermath of the famous battle by replicating the return of Borderers to their home towns.

Borderers’ Return, from September 5-8, is essentially a horse relay involving six horse riders from each town carrying a specially commissioned flag round the Borders over the course of four days.

On Thursday, September 5, Flodden 1513 club officials take the flag to the Branxton monument at 8am and six Kelso riders will return to Kelso with it. In the early afternoon, Jedburgh riders will collect the flag and return to Jedburgh.

On Friday, September 6, Hawick horse riders will collect the flag from Jedburgh riders and on Saturday, September 7, Selkirk horse riders will collect the flag at Hawick and return to Selkirk with it. On this day the flag will be taken round Galashiels and Melrose before being taken to Lauder.

On Sunday, September 8, the flag with be collected at Lauder by Duns horse riders and taken to Duns where Coldstream horse riders will collect it and return to Coldstream for 5pm. There will be a detour to Swinton where the Flodden Bell in Swinton Kirk will be rung by the Rev Alan Cartwright.

At 5pm on the Sunday in Coldstream, Coldstream Pipe Band will pipe the six Coldstream horse riders along the High Street to the Tweed Green where an open-air church service will be held at 6pm by the Rev David Taverner. Thereafter, the Flodden flag will be deposited permanently in Coldstream Parish Church.

Each town, while they host the flag, will have their own social events which will feature in Border Festival programmes. Each horse rider, up to 60 in number, will receive a ‘thank you’ badge from the Club.