Five drink drivers charged since new drink drive limits

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In the run-up to Christmas police in the Borders charged five drivers with drink driving following the reduced drink drive limit that came into force on December 5.

Police Scotland warn Borders drivers: “The festive season is now upon us and with it comes nights out and an opportunity to catch up with friends and family. But for all too many, it’s tempting to ruin the celebrations by driving home after a couple of drinks.

“The police stop over 20,000 drivers in Scotland every month, if breathalysed and found to be even slightly over the limit, in the eyes of the law they are a criminal and tough consequences apply. These include automatic loss of licence and a criminal record for a minimum of 20 years.

“And the consequences can stay with you for a long time, affecting job prospects, relationships and finances. Don’t let it happen to you.

“It is estimated that one in eight deaths on Scotland’s roads are caused by drivers being over the limit, so motorists are being encouraged to realise that even just one drink can impair their driving, with reaction times and judgement being affected, and to think about the consequences of drink driving before they head out.”

The reduced drink drive limit means drivers could be over the limit after just one small glass of wine and has resulted in high demand for DIY breathalyser kits.

However, Police Scotland warn that the kits are not calibrated like those used by the police and only given an indication of your breath/alcohol level.

They also reminded drivers that even if they have used one of the DIY kits and it says they aren’t over the limit, if they are stopped and are over the limit, it’s no defence.

If you are having to test yourself, there’s an element of doubt, so just don’t drive.”