Fishing Disaster memorial looks for sponsorship

Casting the net. Jill Watson's 'Widows and children', in tribute to Eyemouth's Black Friday disaster.
Casting the net. Jill Watson's 'Widows and children', in tribute to Eyemouth's Black Friday disaster.

The installation of a memorial sculpture to the widows and children affected by the Eyemouth Fishing Disaster is approaching completion.

The sculpture, ‘Widows and Bairns’, by artist Jill Watson, consists of figures representing the 78 widows and 182 fatherless children left in the town after the events of October 1881.

More than £93,000 of the £100,000 required to install the bronze sculpture on the town’s bantry has been raised so far.

The remaining funds to be raised will go towards interpretation, signage and leaflets to fully publicise the sculpture and a trail around other memorials raised since the disaster.

The interpretation materials will let people know how these widows along with Eyemouth people held the town together and eventually enabled it to recover and send its fishermen out to sea once more.

There will also be acknowledgement of the major sponsors at the memorial and other sponsors since the beginning of fundraising will be acknowledged in the booklets of the trails linking the memorials to the fishing disaster.

Eyemouth’s 125 Memorial Association also hope to have enough finance secured to place a book in the Eyemouth Museum remembering not only those lost in the disaster, but also those fishermen who have lost their lives since that time.

Members of the public can now sign up to sponsor one or more of the figures to be placed on top of the sculpture.

A child can be sponsored for £25 and a widow for £50.

Representatives of the 125 Association said this week: “There are 78 widows and 182 fatherless children asking to be sponsored, and remember tax payers can increase the value of the sponsorship by gift aiding the sponsorship money.

Sponsorship forms can be obtained from the Treasurer or any other Trustee of the 125 Association, contact them on 018907 50701.