Fishermen rescued after Burnmouth boat overturns

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TWO Berwick fishermen were forced to cling to their boat for 90 minutes after it was hit by a freak wave and overturned.

The pair were on board the Burnmouth-registered fishing vessel the ‘Jas N’ one mile north of Berwick pier when disaster struck around 7.45am on Tuesday, May 3.

They hung on until their plight was spotted by a member of the public who raised the alarm.

Both of Berwick’s lifeboats were launched around one and half hours after the fishing boat overturned, at 9.15am and crew managed to drag both men to safety. They were cold and wet but otherwise unharmed.

The boat was then towed back to Tweed Dock.

Tom Wakenshaw of Berwick lifeboat said: “You never know when a freak wave will hit you, even on a relatively calm day, so when going to sea be prepared and carry the correct equipment.”