Fire Service issue petrol safety advice

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AmidsT the panic buying of petrol all over the UK as rumours of a potential fuel strike broke, one woman was severeley burned as she attempted to transfer petrol from one container to another in her kitchen and with this in mind Lothian and Borders Fire Brigade have issued advice to residents.

Whilst understanding the difficulty a strike by fuel tanker drivers would pose, the Fire and Rescue Service are advising people not to store large amounts of fuel in garages, sheds or any part of their house as it is potentially dangerous and poses increased risks to both occupants and firefighters.

A spokesperson commented: “Public safety is our overriding concern. We would like to remind people to focus on their own fire safety at all times. We would like to ensure that members of the public who are considering storing petrol on their properties follow thes guidelines: do not fill a container more than the capacity printed on the label; do not store petrol inside a domestic premises; store petrol in a place that is not part of or attached to a building used as a house and petrol must be stored in approved plastic or metal containers of the sort purchased from filling stations.