Fire at Torness power station

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AN investigation is under way into the cause of a fire at Torness power station.

The fire was discovered in the turbine hall of the plant shortly after midnight (Friday 17 August).

The power station’s own fire response team was mobilised, and Lothian and Borders fire crews also attended.

The plant’s team dealt without the fire before the arrival of the fire brigade’s apparatus.

There were no injuries to any personnel, and the plant has suffered no loss of productivity, continuing to provide electricity.

Station director Paul Winkle said: “The fire originated on a hot, lagged pipe. There was a small amount of smoke which was noticed by our operations staff. The fire was immediately extinguished by the Torness fire team.

“As usual, Torness staff responded impeccably. As a precaution the local fire and rescue service were called to the site and along with the station fire team declared that the fire was successfully extinguished.”

Anybody with any questions can ring the station on 01368 873000 and speak to the station’s community liaison officer Ashleigh Dickson.