Finding solution to flagpole problem

The flagpole can seen in this old picture of Ayton
The flagpole can seen in this old picture of Ayton

Ayton residents have been assured that a solution is being sought to re-instating the traditional flagpole on the village’s Clock House Tower.

A Facebook post this week noted that villagers were wondering why the flagpole and flag on the Clock Tower House had not reappeared after being taken down a few months ago.

Ayton Community Council is among the bodies trying hard to get the problem resolved. There has been a flagpole on the tower since the building’s early days, possibly even since it was built in 1880.

Until recently the tower belonged to Scottish Borders Council (SBC), but ownership was passed over to Berwickshire Housing Association (BHA).

BHA discovered that the flat roof on the tower was fairly extensively damaged and no longer watertight. The base of the old flagpole which was bolted to the roof was partially to blame for this. Roof repairs were undertaken by BHA including the fitting of a new lead covering, but the association will not allow a new flagpole to be fitted directly to the new roof. BHA also have safety and insurance concerns about access to the roof. They are aware how important the flag is to the village and are currently working with Ayton Community Council to find another solution.

Work is scheduled to take place on the tower in the near future.

A spokesperson said: “BHA is committed to getting Ayton’s flag pole reinstated on Clock House Tower. We are working closely with Ayton Community Council, specialist consultants and Historic Scotland to find a solution that we hope will allow the pole to be erected to protect both this historic building and the general public”