Finally home with her family

Emily Cressey, Scotlands' most premature baby, arrives home with her parents, Claire and Alan.
Emily Cressey, Scotlands' most premature baby, arrives home with her parents, Claire and Alan.
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After more than 100 days spent in two hospitals, Baby Emily, born at just 24 weeks, has returned home to the bosom of her family.

She has left the care of Borders General Hospital to go home to Coldstream with mum Claire Cressey, dad Alan Coultas and her older sisters, Caitlin, Brooke and Millie.

Claire has been telling the world - and especially other mothers of prematurely born babies - about Emily’s progress on the Facebook site Emily’s Journey.

It detailed each tiny victory, every gain in weight and every passed medical test, as well as the worries of parents who had to travel miles to see their daughter in Edinburgh.

On Saturday, Claire took to the internet to thank all the nurses and other people who have helped Emily and her family in Coldstream.

“We are all very emotional at the moment,” she wrote, “wondering where the time has gone, even though time seemed to have stood still while we lived each day.

“We have watched the seasons change on our long travels to visit Emily , from the chilly snowy mornings of February to the summer sunshine of June.

“There were long lonely sad days sat by her incubator in ICU at Edinburgh Royal infirmary, willing her to keep going, and she’s been cried at to hurry with her bottle in Borders General Hospital.”

Claire went on: “When I look back at her photos from the first few weeks I feel more frightened now than I was at the time.”

She praised her daughter, adding: “What an incredible fighter we have.

“I have learnt so much since being blessed with Emily, too many lessons to list, but one of the most important ones has been: never take your children for granted and enjoy every single day with them.

“Children are a true blessing and such a precious gift.”

She went on to thank the staff at both Border General Hospital and Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.

“God bless all the wonderful staff who care for our premature babies,” she wrote.

“Not just those who have saved Emily but all who work tirelessly often with little thanks.

“Your hard work and dedication will live in mine and my family’s hearts forever, thank you.”

Claire says that she plans to keep updating Emily’s Facebook page, where scores of readers sent 
messages of support to give the family hope through the 
struggle, although there may be a break in communications as the family get used to having their newest member around.

“To have Emily home is a dream come true,” she said, confessing: “we doubted we would ever see this day , being on life support the minute she was born, we never knew if we would get here.

“That our fabulous miracle girl born at 1lb 3oz, and at 24 weeks, is now 14 weeks old and weighing 5lb 12oz,is absolutely amazing.”

Claire and Alan, as well as Emily’s three older sisters, are “We’re looking forward to cuddling, kisses and looking at her, doing everything else that other people take for granted.”

You can continue to follow Emily’s story on Facebook, by searching ‘Emilys Journey’.