Files found in Ayton outbuilding

AN investigation is underway after medical records of former residents of Borders Nursing Home in Ayton were found in a nearby outbuilding by a passer by.

The local man was walking his dog close to the home which closed in 2008, when he stumbled across the unlocked stable and noticed boxes containing bank statements and pension books belonging to the residents, many of whom have since passed away.

The files also contained staff wage details and payroll records dating back over a decade.

A probe is to be carried out by the Information Commissioners Office and commenting on the matter, Andrew Lowe, Scottish Borders Council’s director of social work, said: “Borders Nursing Home in now closed but was owned and managed by an independent company. In these cases it is the responsibility of the proprietor to securely maintain and destroy confidential material of this nature in line with the Data Protection Act.”