Festival weeks grass cutting

It took a community effort to get Windram Park ready for Chirnside Civic Week.
It took a community effort to get Windram Park ready for Chirnside Civic Week.

Two local businesses took matters into their own hands to make sure that Chirnside’s Windram Park was looking its best for the start of the village’s Civic Week.

Chirnside Civic Week organisers were concerned that Scottish Borders Council’s new 20 day grass cutting regime, introduced this spring, would mean the grass in the park would be untidy for their big day.

A few days ahead of the community celebrations Border Landscapes stepped in to provide equipment and Border Eggs paid for the fuel needed to carry out the work.

A statement on the Chirnside Civic Week Facebook page in the days before the event, posted by the committee read: “The state of Windram Park has been a concern for us this past week but due to the HUGE generosity of Borders Ground Force, Duns, and Border Eggs the park will now be fit to host our crowning ceremony.

“We cannot thank them enough.”

A Scottish Borders Council spokesperson said: “We recognise the importance of summer festivals to the Borders, and are happy to discuss special requests for such events.

“Grasscutting by the council took place in Windram Park all last week in preparation for the Civic Week. However, due to health and safety legislation, we are currently reviewing the maintenance of all steeply sloping ground in the Borders - including areas within Windram Park - with all options being considered.

“We have scheduled an extra cut of grass areas in Swinton this week ahead of their Gala Day this weekend.”