Fault causes Torness reactor shutdown

A COMPONENT fault caused the shutdown of one of the two nuclear reactors at Torness power station, its operator has revealed.

Reactor two stopped generating electricity on Sunday when a component within protection equipment failed.

EDF Energy said the reactor shut down safely and there was never any danger.

It had been due to come offline later this week for routine maintenance work. The power company said this work would now start early.

A spokeswoman for EDF Energy added: “The reactor shut down safely and cooling to the reactor was maintained at all times. There were no health or environmental impacts.”

Green MSP Alison Johnstone, who represents Lothian, said the first information about the incident only emerged on Monday afternoon.

“While it’s a relief the shutdown did not result in any apparent power outage or environmental damage, it’s baffling EDF did not seek to inform the public any earlier,” she said.

“Incidents such as these reinforce the view that the nuclear industry has a culture of secrecy.”