Farm’s energy self sufficiency

A 32 metre high, 100kw wind turbine is planned at Swinton Quarter, replacing a previous planning application for three turbines at the site.

The application, which was submitted to Scottish Borders Council last week, forms part of “a long term project designed to introduce a range of green energy options and energy efficiency saving across the farm.”

Discussions between applicants, mintenergy, and SBC planning officers resulted in the downgrading from a three turbine energy project to a single turbine because of the visual impact that three turbines would have in the low lying area.

In their supporting statement with the planning application mintenergy say: “In addition to pursuing a wind energy installation, initial enquiries into a renewable heat energy installation for the hosue and cottages at Swinton Quarter Farm are already underway.

“The ultimate aim of the project is to enable the reduction of the Swinton Quarter farm complex carbon emission, and to increase self-suffiency levels in terms of electricity production.”

An 11kva overhead electricity line, transformer and import-export meter are already in place at the farm.