False alarm for St Abbs lifeboat

THERE was a false alarm for the crew of St Abbs Lifeboat last week when they rushed to the assistance of a pair of divers they believed were in trouble.

A member of the public dialled 999 at 5.15pm on Wednesday, June 1, reporting hearing two divers shouting for help.

Forth Coastguard immediately paged the details to the lifeboat crew and they quickly went into action.

Once the crew arrived on scene they soon spotted the two divers. They were asked if they were calling for help and said they were in no trouble at all.

On this occasion the callout was put down to false alarm with good intent.

If you ever see someone in trouble at sea or you’re not sure if they are in trouble always phone 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

St Abbs Lifeboat treat every distress call as genuine and the volunteer crews will always turn out night or day.