Fairtrade Fortnight at BHS

Fairtrade coffee morning event at Berwickshire High School
Fairtrade coffee morning event at Berwickshire High School

All second year pupils from Berwickshire High School have been very busy this past fortnight to help raise awareness for Fairtrade.

Pupils have been learning all about Fairtrade in a variety of subjects, which has allowed them to understand that Fairtrade is very important in today’s world. The pupils were involved in events including Fairtrade stalls and raffles and to complete the week staff and pupils attended a Fairtrade coffee morning. The whole fortnight proved to be a massive success and the pupils managed to raise over £300!

To have a memory of the fortnight staff and pupils were invited to take part in a ‘Take a Step for Fairtrade’ initiative. Staff and pupils had a foot rolled in paint and then placed it on to a canvas. This will allow the school to keep a memento of the fortnight and remind staff and pupils of all their great work.

A big thanks goes to all of the staff and pupils who were involved and contributed over the fortnight, and a special thanks to all of the second year pupils.