Eyemouth school upset as vandals strike once again

Eyemouth Primary vandalism
Eyemouth Primary vandalism

AT the same time that improvement works are taking place at the school, Eyemouth Primary has once again been a target for vandals, leaving teachers, parents and pupils angry and frustrated.

Around the same time last year trees planted by children at the school had either been pulled out completely or had their branches broken off and once again it was trees that were targeted at the weekend.

But this time the damage didn’t stop there. Basketball nets were also vandalised, benches moved around and a concrete slab, belonging to work men currently based at the school, was smashed leaving bits of concrete scattered around the playground.

This meant the usually vibrant playing area wasn’t such a welcoming sight for staff and pupils when they arrived at the Coldingham Road school on Monday morning.

Headteacher Kathleen Easton is particularly disheartened that the school has fallen victim to vandals again at a time when work is being undertaken to make the school a better place for those who work and learn there.

“It’s upsetting that once again people have seen fit to come in and undo the children’s hard work,” she said.

“Those trees were planted by the children on our Eco Committee and they’re really upset that this has happened again. We try and instill some good community values in our pupils so it’s such a shame that someone would do this especially when we’re having work done on the entrance to try and improve access to the school.”

With no fencing around the playground or school field, Eyemouth Primary also has an ongoing issue with dog fouling. According to Mrs Easton, this too is beginning to impact on pupils. When we are blessed with fine weather like we’re having at the moment we want to get the children outside as much as possible but there has been an increased amount of dog dirt on school property and I’d like to make an appeal to owners to have more respect for the school grounds.”

Eyemouth Primary isn’t the only Berwickshire school to have fallen victim to vandals of late, with one reader informing us that playground equipment at Greenlaw Primary School and its nursery garden have also been targeted.