Eyemouth Rotary sends another shelter box

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The Rotary Club of Eyemouth and District has bought another shelter box after a request from the Shelter Box organisation which is under pressure to provide more life saving boxes to help in world disasters - at the moment it is people in Somalia and Kenya who are most in need.

The Shelter Box scheme started in 2000 and allows instant responses to disasters by delivering boxes of aid.

The box provides 10 people with a tent and life saving equipment to use while they are displaced or homeless. The cost of each box is £590, and each one bears its own unique number so it can be traced all the way to the recipient country via the shelter box website.

Shelter Box response teams distribute the boxes on the ground in the areas affected.

The box contains a custom made tent which is designed to withstand extremes of temperatures, winds and heavy rain. Each one also contains cooking equipment, sleeping bags, mosquito nets, insulated ground sheets and water purifying supplies as well as water containers. The box itself can be used for storage once it has been emptied of its contents.

Eyemouth Rotary have been suppling shelter boxes to various countries around the world recently and is able to do so thanks to the support they receive from local people.