Eyemouth Rainbows get into Herring Queen spirit

Eyemouth Rainbows
Eyemouth Rainbows

Eyemouth 1st Rainbows have been busy on an activity that marks not only the Brownies centenary year but also the 70th Eyemouth Herring Queen festival.

As part of the work towards their Brownie 100 badge, the Rainbows decided to do something for the local community.

They approached Hon.Provost of Eyemouth, Jemma Landels, who also happens to work in Occasions Florists, about doing a flower garland for this year’s Herring Queen .

The flower garland is a tradition that has been missing from the festival in recent times but is being revived for its milestone year.

With Jemma’s help, the Rainbows individually decorated roses with sparkle and glitter and added it on to the garland base to make a garland that will sparkle in the sunshine (fingers crossed!) on the big day of the opening day of this year’s Herring Queen in July.

The girls were very enthusiastic and enjoyed every minute of the activity.

They also really enjoyed looking at old photographs of past Herring Queens and are looking forward to seeing their handiwork on the big day when 2014 Ailsa Landels is crowned.

Leaders Lynsey, Helen and Lois would like to say a big thank you to Occasions , especially Jemma, for helping the girls fulfil this part of their badge.