Eyemouth pupils seeing Red after film prize win

Eyemouth High drama prize winners
Eyemouth High drama prize winners

A group of second year pupils from Eyemouth High were recently awarded a Special Prize from the Goethe Institute in Glasgow for their filmed version of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’.

The students, all studying German, were awarded the honour for ‘Best Creative Script’ for ‘Rotkäppchen’, the German take on the famous fairytale.

But rather than following a traditional path the pupils from Eyemouth decided that it would be fun to create a modern day version of the story with Red texting Granny and the wolf taking the form of a stalker.

Rather than Red travelling through the woods, she had to walk through a rough part of the city of Stuttgart to get to Granny’s house, encountering some singing homeless people on the way selling ‘Trottwar’ or in English, ‘The Big Issue’.

Working with drama teacher Mrs Thacker and Frau Thompson in Modern Languages, pupils were involved in every aspect of the presentation from acting, to playing music and singing traditional German songs and also making props and scenery, allowing all pupils to participate and to use their own individual skills and talents.

Frau Thompson said of the experience: “The level of engagement in the project was fantastic and seeing the pupils interact with each other outside of the classroom environment was a very positive experience for all involved.”

Pupil Brooke Heary added: “It was good blending German and drama together as it helped me to remember the German vocabulary more easily.”