Eyemouth pupils rise to the challenge

Eyemouth High School
Eyemouth High School

Eyemouth High School pupils from S1 all the way to S6 achieved success at the Young Technologists Challenge.

Three teams travelled to Beeslack High School in Midlohtian, to compete in the Young Technologists Challenge at Advanced, Intermediate and Foundation levels against other schools.

They returned with a first place (at Advanced) and two second places (at Intermediate and Foundation) – a phenomenal achievement.

What’s more, the Intermediate and Foundation teams were second by only one and two points.

At the beginning of the day, pupils were given the aim to produce and electronic device that could transport a package across a zip wire.

Throughout the day they needed to put together a folio to show how their device would work and, of course, construct their device, using only basic resources and tools.

This was a real challenge for pupils, bearing in mind that they had hardly any prior knowledge of working with the likes of zip wires. Whole new skills had to be learned in one day.

One contestant summed up the only way to success: “You really couldn’t do it without a functional team”.

This was certainly true, as any and all skills were needed: the folio needed to look good as well as make sense; the work tools had to be used properly; the electrical components to work; and more.

The impressive fact is that the pupils had to organise this teamwork themselves, as teachers were not allowed to assist their teams.

While they started the day with little clue about what to do, the organisation, hard-thinking and effort of the pupils meant that every member of every team knew their device inside out by the end.

This challenge benefited everyone present, and large thanks must go out to the Eyemouth Rotary Club, who opened the door for Eyemouth High School to shine.